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Recall: Just One Year “I Love You” Giraffe Security Blanket

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Rashti & Rashti, in cooperation with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission is voluntarily recalling the pink “I Love You” Giraffe security blanket sold at Target stores between January 2009 and August 2009. The style number Y22230H and “Just One Year, a division of Carter’s” is printed on the care label sewn into the garment, which identifies the specific item. Although they made other products, they are not included in this recall.

Hazard: The balls on top of the giraffe’s horns can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children.


I have the blue elephant version of this, which so far, has NOT been included in this recall.


Beware: Busy Ball Popper Review

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I’m pretty sure I bought this before my son was even born. Well, ok, he was one month old. Clearly, he needed a Busy Ball Popper!

I tend to shy away from mass produced plastic toys, especially if they come with Dora plastered all over them, but I found this for a song during last seasons Black Friday sales, so I picked one up for the kiddo. And it was promptly appropriated by the six-year-old.

The toy comes with five multi-colored balls, which you insert into a chute. Press the big red button and a fan turns on and the balls come shooting out of the top. You can then watch them go back down the slide (if you can find them) and do it all over again. Repetitive, but the kids enjoyed it, and I was all set to give it a good review when I discovered some interesting facts.

The Good:

It IS entertaining.

My daughter pulls it out, and the baby smacks it until balls come flying out. She chases them down and the process starts all over again. Complete with obnoxious music!

The Bad:

The Music Gets Old, Fast.

Like all battery operated fluorescent plastic toys, this comes complete with annoying soundtrack of eight “lively” songs. Which you will hear, over and over and over again until you want to stab your eardrums out with a spork.

You Will Lose Enormous Hours of Your Life Chasing Balls.

They don’t so much pop up, as spew all over the place. The first time we turned it on, every single ball ended up under a couch. Now, my daughter lines the bottom of the couches with pillows before she starts it because she got sick of hunting for wayward balls.

It’s Hard not to Make Inappropriate Jokes About It:

Especially when the products slogan is “It’s poppin’, droppin’, air-powered fun!” Smack that button and balls pop out! Whee!

It Appears to Be A Safety Hazard.

When I went to the amazon product page to find a picture, I scanned the customer reviews. And found that there are tons of people complaining that their kid’s arms got stuck in the hole that the balls pop out of. Apparently the hole is the exact size of a toddler arm. Yikes. And the earlier model used to have an issue with kids arms getting stuck in the out hole as well, and then being unable to get them out because of the suction. That issue has since been rectified with a purple cover to make it harder to reach in, but beware if you get this second-hand. Now, personally, we have not had an issue with this yet, but my son is only six months old, so he’s still at the stage where he mostly just smacks it and drools on the balls. (Um, see the comment above.) And my daughter, is hopefully, smart enough to not stick her arm in there in the first place. But since so many people claim to have had this issue, I thought it was important enough to make note of it here.

Kid’s Tend to Put Miscellaneous Things in the Hole.

This is another reoccurring comment in the amazon product reviews. Again, it’s hasn’t happened to us yet, but apparently some more adventurous children have taken to placing random things in the “In” hole just to see what happens. I can’t wait for someone to stuff a poo ball in there. The way my life goes, that’s bound to happen sooner or later.

I’d recommend skipping this one, and I think I may replace mine with something safer, like a chainsaw.


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